A Brief Description of lily

What is lily?

The lily project is, in its simplest form, an attempt to create a real-time, interactive, computer mediated communication tool (usually abreviated in most lily documentation as a CMC) which is focused on interpersonal communication. While there have been many approaches to this in the past, lily attempts to borrow some key features from each one, and avoid some of the deficiencies and problems from each:

What is the goal of lily?

First and foremost, lily is designed to improve online, real-time, communication between individuals and groups of people. This communication can be professional or recreational - and lily must support both without interfering with the other.

Equally important, it has the secondary goal of being flexible enough to adapt and experiment with a wide variety of methods and formats for communication.

How will lily acomplish these goals?

By trying to meet the communication needs of a wide variety of users, while maintaining a professional appearance, lily works to bring itself into the world of available production CMCs. There are several features built-in, or that will be built-in, as the core features of lily:
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