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31 March 2005

The Woman in Black

This play is creepy! If you live in the greater Portland area, go and see it soon. Otherwise, when it comes to your town take the time to see it. For the past couple of years Tandy has been buying season tickets for the Portland Stage Company. They are a small, professional theater right in downtown Portland. The stage itself is an obstacle to presenting this play as the major location is a large manor house. It is really vital in several scenes to develop a sense that the character is walking down hallways and up staircases toward a locked door. The crew accomplished this feat by lighting a rectangle on the floor, then as the actor reached the end another adjacent rectangle would illuminate. This gave you a sense of distance and size which was at odds with the visible scope of the stage. Amazing work by the lighting crew.

Unlike our local cinema reviewer, I will not disclose the content of the play except to say that the end really does catch you off guard. At least it did so to both Tandy and I. Take the time to see this play.


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