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11 September 2005

PDC05: Day One (C++ Considerations in .NET)

The second presentation was "C++ Considerations in .NET" by Brandon Bray (blog). My brain still hurts from this presentation! It was absolutely excellent. He talked a lot about the new C++/CLI language extensions for experienced C++ developers. His example code was for an Adapter which makes STL iterators available as an IEnumerator object. I wish I had written down the Current() method from his code sample, it was astounding. He was a smooth presenter with some excellent content, and did a good job peparing us for the next person who would speak after lunch.

Robert and I walked up to the Wilshire since breakfast was still sitting heavy for both of us. The same front desk clerk was able to move me to a new non-smoking room. He asked me worriedly if a two bed room was alright, but provided it was smoke-free there could be a cot in there! I thought about going up to check out the room until I noticed that we were running out of time. We rushed back to the conference with thoughts of Korean barbeque for dinner tonight. We arrived in time for the next block of presentations.


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