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09 October 2005

"What is the world coming to" iTunes Edition

So here I am cruising iTunes on a Sunday night looking for good tracks. I have "No Sleep Tonight" by "The Faders" in my shopping cart, when is switched to cruising 80's hardcore punk. When I run across what has to be the most idiotic music I have ever even heard of: "Punk Rock Baby." There are tracks including "London Calling," "Pretty Vacant," "White Riot," etc. The music is a weird..well just weird. It is some crazy mix of obvious synthesizer and pretend bells.

Okay. Let's just conjecture you are in your thirties, you have a baby, and you still hanker for your punk rock roots. Is the way to share that experience with your new kid really playing this totally crappy version of "London Calling"? Hell, "Pretty Vacant" is almost totally unrecognizable. I imagine about ten, fifteen minutes of this stuff and you will be sticking safety pins in your eardrums rather than your earlobes! So much for the tagline, "Tunes for Baby That Won't Drive You Crazy."

Wait until your little piker is a bit older and then share the good music with them, at leats the good music where every third word is not f*ck. You can be sure they will share that music with you when you are forty-five and hopeful that they just survive their teenage years.

(For the record, my policy is just to be a musical omnivore. I listen to the music my daughters listen to. It is even occasionally good, though it makes me feel creepy to be a grown man listening to Hope 7, Atomic Kitten and Avril Lavigne.)


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