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17 May 2007

District Ritual Instructor

Well, the day has finally arrived when someone at Grand Lodge has finally slipped up and given me a real job to do. At the Masonic Lodge Association meeting tonight the District Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Kenneth A. Caldwell, announced my appointment as the District Ritual Instructor. If that sounds like a lot of blah-blah-blah, then let me translate it to English. I have been honored with the responsibility for carrying around one of the twenty-nine copies of the Maine Masonic Ritual rendered in plain text, rather than in the customary code. It is my task to help my Brothers in the 17th District to both memorize and understand the Maine Ritual. I am looking forward to this challenge and while some may think my ideas are new "young guy" ideas, really they are nothing more than reading history and repeating things that worked a long, long time ago. As far as blogger's go I am nowhere near as "on the dark side" as V.W. Bro. Tom Ascouti of Tao of Masonry fame, but it is still a very big honor.

As a side-note, just this week one of my Masonic blogposts was noticed by Bro. Chris Hodapp, author of Freemasons for Dummies.

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At 18 May, 2007 13:47 , Anonymous Carter said...

Good luck with your new assignment. Based on what I've inferred from your posts, you're more than qualified and will probably serve the fraternity well.

Regarding your side note, I saw Bro. Hodapp's reference to your post. After reading what you wrote, I commented back on his as follows:

"There should be a blog specifically dedicated to this debate. It's definitely an important issue. I can see both sides of the issue. I reconcile being a mason on the simple point that masonry teaches values and is not the primary basis for forming one's spiritual core. Masonry, in my juvenile mind, supplements your faith and is not meant to contradict it. You take out of it what you need to be of stronger mind and character.

What do I know. I certainly haven't figured it all out. I'd love to see some brave soul dedicate a blog to this topic."

So...any takers?????

At 20 May, 2007 10:32 , Blogger Tom Accuosti said...


Yes! Another ritual dude on the blogscape! That's excellent news, Bro. Chris, and personally, I'm very happy for you.

About the "dark side" stuff - it's interesting because there is a subtle undercurrent now in the lodges that I've been visiting; anytime someone messes up, there's an automatic glance in my direction.

In Conn we already have "plain English" books - the task for me is getting some members to actually open them up and look at the words.

Congrats, again!

At 22 May, 2007 15:56 , Blogger Garrett said...

Congratulations, and good luck!

After I get the car, I'll have to start getting active in lodge again...


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