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15 March 2008

Guthrie College of the Consistory

An esteemed Brother called me a week ago and asked if I knew about the Guthrie College of the Consistory. As a novice to the Scottish Rite I had no idea what he was talking about. In the wired, multi-tasking world, however, while he spoke to me on the phone I was reading their web site and filling out and application form. The materials arrived on Thursday and I look forward to taking the enclosed examination. Participating in a group effort to study the history, meaning and ritual of the Scottish Rite is of tremendous interest to me at this point in my Masonic career. Are you in the program?

By the way, I still have yet to receive my copy of Morals and Dogma. If I follow the advice I was given (see the comments for Albert Pike), there are going to be a lot of English people staring at me!

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At 24 June, 2008 12:18 , Blogger Paul D. Gilliam said...

Brother, I applied for the Guthrie College of the Consistory yesterday. A little more than intimidated. Really enjoy reading your articles.

Bro. Paul
Blanchard Lodge #395, Oklahoma


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