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02 April 2005

The Hop Shop

The ladies took me out to The Hop Shop in Gray to pick up brewing supplies. It was like paradise! They had every kind of malt listed in the many of the better online supply houses. Their fridge and freezer was loaded with interesting yeast and hops. Their bookshelf had just incredible books including two with recipes for commercial beers. I dropped my wheat beer recipe and decided to try and replicate Paulaner Hefe-Wiezen. I opted for an all grain mash, which makes for nine pounds of grain (yikes!!).
The ladies then took me out for lunch at Pizzeria Uno. We had a great time and saw the woman who waited on us the night Tandy I and got married. After the reception we met up with a few friends and my mother and went to Unos. The waitress carded my mother and when she was lacking ID, refused to serve her. I pointed out that it was my _mother_, but the waitress was unmoved. She also claimed to be unable to bring garlic bread without cheese to the table. Go figure!
When I saw Tom later that day, we agreed to watch the first regular season Red Sox game while brewing up the Paulner knock-off. Zach is around too, so we might be able to rope him into some stirring!
If you need homebrew supplies in Southern Maine, try The Hop Shop, you will not regret it! The owner was super helpful and the selection is great.


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