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12 September 2005

PDC05: Day Two (Breakfast & Lounging)

I managed to sleep until 5:30am today, so at least I am shifting to my new timezone quickly. After posting all of my blog entries from yesteday and cleaning up some bag tagging (naughty blogger.com), Robert brought my PDC bag down from his room. For the record I agree with John Moody, the bag is too small for a full sized laptop. We went to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for a cup of Gold Tip Assam, then walked to the conference.

The contintental breakfast really hit the spot for both of us, but with time to kill we went over and chilled out in the "Tools & Languages Lounge" area. The couches are great, but not as nice as "Soft Seating" back at work. Today I am signed up for the "C++ Internals" talk, which I gather from yesterday is part two from the same crowd. Robert is still tossed up between "C++ Internals" or "Framework Design Guidelines: Designing a reusable class library." Based on my experience yesterday, I fully expect the "C++ Internals" session to be packed full of technical detail. Anson Tsao and Brandon Bray are tops in my book and that is reflected in my session evaluation.


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