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11 October 2005

Rapping about C++

Sounds like an easy task, right? Not so much. I listen to a podcast called Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge which provides a steady stream of good hip-hop generally without the "bitches" and "nines" common to mainstream rap. Early in episode 6 there was a pretty good track going talking about gansta rap ruining the genre, when all of the sudden out comes the line "but if you don't know C++, then you will never do the math." I nearly fell out of my chair. Who made the song? Where can I buy it? Where are the lyrics?

  • The song turned out to be by an LA hip-hop artist named "Subtitle" (Giovanni Marks).
  • The album is named "Lost Love Stays Lost" and is available from the iTunes Music Store.
  • The lyrics are another story. Just try to search for a combination of the track name and artist on Google.
If anyone has a source for complete lyrics for this track, let me know. How often does a programming language get mentioned in a song anyhow?


At 15 October, 2005 11:55 , Anonymous Mike W. said...

If you enjoy that, then I think you would probably like MC Frontalot's nerdcore hip-hop. You can download his MP3s from his site:



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