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04 December 2005

Scotland Picture

Reflective Cuuurves
Originally uploaded by idg.
While ripping some CDs (Bluegrass Christmas and Ghost in the Machine) and buying music from the iTunes Music Store (Booker T. and the MGs) I cruised the new pictures on flickr. I ran across this beauty. My own outdoor photography tends toward scenes with reflective surfaces. I find the inverted images alluring somehow, perhaps it reminds me of my own self.

This photo turned out to be in Camperdown Scotland, which is a place I would l like very much to visit one day. The Scottish distilling and brewing tradition goes back quite far. It also turns out that one of the old family names is 'Osborne' from Ayrshire. Perhaps some day I will be able to travel to places like Scotland, but I have a sense that I am likelier to die without ever having left the continent.


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