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15 November 2005

What does your birthdate mean?

Is this the new chain letter or what? I noticed Mike took another test, so this is how I came out. I can never figure out if these tests are talking about who I ought to be if I were a decent person, or if they are just a load of "codswallop."

Your Birthdate: April 2

You're so intuitive, it's like you have a sixth, seventh, and eighth sense.

You connect with others freely and easily - and you tend to have many best friends.

Warm and caring, it's hard for you to close your heart to anyone.

Affection is like air for you - you need to give and receive it to survive.

Your strength: Your universal compassion

Your weakness: Your unpredictable mood swings

Your power color: Mauve

Your power symbol: Butterfly

Your power month: February


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