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26 January 2006

Support What Ribbon?

Truck with a strange ribbon #1
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On Tuesday I was working remotely at the South Portland Public Library. As a walked back home to have lunch I noticed the oddly colored ribbon on the back of this otherwise ordinary Nissan truck. On closer inspection I pretty much laughed out loud. I guess men never get too old for potty humor!

After lunch the truck was no longer there, but it did inspire me to investigate the issue later that night. I found a Yahoo! Store "Magnetic Car Support Ribbons" with ribbons for nearly every cause, as well as some fairly obvious non-causes. The best of the lot is probably the nihilistic "Support Absolutely Nothing." The "Just Say No To Drugs" ribbon is $1.00 off. So, does the price go up after your first ribbon? Hmm.....


At 27 January, 2006 19:29 , Anonymous Mike W. said...

I just linked to this entry on my blog. I think my blog buddies will get a kick out of it.


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