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23 December 2005

Bottling Odd Codger

Tom, Chris and I brewed an Old Peculiar knockoff back at the end of the October (recipe). After eight weeks in the fermenter bubbling its way to perfection, the time had come to bottle. We three met again in the basement last Tuesday to bottle the beer. I brought along some authentic Old Peculiar and a 750ml bottle of Samuel Adam's new beer "Imperial Pilsner". A taste comparison between the beer we made and the real stuff showed our beer to have less complexity and more of a grainy taste. Time in the bottle will smooth out some of these defects and bring complexity to the beer. We plan to leave the beer alone until after Tom is out of the East, coming at the end of February.

The Imperial Pilsner [beeradvocate] [Boston Phoenix] is an incredible beer, being made in limited quantities by Samuel Adams. If you love hops, then this beer is for you! There was hop-saturated sediment at the bottom of the bottom which leaves quite a stinging sensation in your nose.


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