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16 April 2006

WDW: Day Five

Easter Sunday had finally arrived! We woke early and I made a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon while Tandy and the girls got ready. We had settled on the 8:00am Easter Mass being held at the Contemporary, since we figured it would be less crowded than the 10:15am Mass. We also planned to leave quite early, as our last Mass on Disney property was in far too small a space for the number of people. On the way to Mass, we stopped to take pictures at the Mickey sculpture at the Contemporary, and I kid you not there was a duck genuflecting to the Mickey sculpture. Strange enough to take a picture of it. The Mass was presided over by a priest from Belfast who made it a wonderful experience. The cantor was assisted by a woman on piano and her two sons on trumpet and trombone. They did a fabulous job in front of several thousand people!

Right after Mass, we took our youngest to her first program of the day: the Junior Fishing Excursion. She was a little nervous about it, but when she met Kevin and Jeff and saw the boat she was excited all over again. We two have gone fishing on many mornings fishing at the local pond in South Portland, but following in my footsteps she has never caught a fish. I figured this was her chance. She fished for about an hour all around Bay Lake and then finally landed a smallish bass near the Contemporary dock, nice work! Like a true fisherman, the size of the fish, demonstrated by outspread arms, has grown with each telling. It moved from about four inches to now around eighteen inches or so.

We wanted a down day amidst the hustle and bustle of Disney, while the grandparents went off to Typhoon Lagoon we stayed around Wilderness Lodge. We rented Mouseboats and zoomed around Bay Lake, went swimming, had lunch, went swimming, took a nap and then got ready for a nice dinner out at Narcosees in the Grand Floridian. The food was just wonderful and they treated the girls like little princesses. Maeve feel asleep on the way back to the lodge, where we soon all joined her.


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