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31 March 2006

Playing Soccer Again

Reading Mike Wilber's post Soccer (Opening Day) relieved the intense agony in all of my leg muscles, at least for a moment. Playing yesterday was hugely fun, with Subrata, Mike, Steve and I dragging behind the fleet of foot crowd: Adrian, Eric, Greg and Dan. There were no serious injuries, only a few hard hits and laughable crowd falls. Mike is right, as usual, since during the game I completely forget about the stress of the onrushing first alpha for XMap 5.0 (woohoo!) and my impending vacation. During the game my only thoughts are to keep breathing and try like heck to run. I am really glad soccer is back.

The famous "disco ball" is a 2006 World Cup replica ball picked out by my older daughter, the soccer player. The ball is an Adidas Teamgeist Stareffect ball. It was a lot of fun to play with in the early part of the match. The sun being low on the horizon made the ball glitter as it rolled toward you. Probably not the best for playing, but it was a little trippy and very fun.


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