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11 May 2006

She Floats by A-Lyricz

There are so many items I want to blog about right now: my remaining vacation, the recent Grand Lodge Annual Communication and my latest submission to the Maine Masonic College.. Nonetheless, while those are yet unpublished I cannot short this great independent rapper. A-Lyricz is a young rapper from New Jersey. His song "She Floats" was recently featured on the Indie Feed Hip-Hop podcast, and I am hooked!

This is another track for you to grab, Brook. Subscribe to the podcast while you are at it. Dirty Dutch plays a lot of good independent rap.


At 14 May, 2006 21:27 , Blogger brook said...

Hey...thanks, I will look it up. You know--- your rss is still broken?

At 14 May, 2006 21:30 , Blogger brook said...

my bad...the feed is fine, my reader was hooked up to the wrong one!


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