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25 May 2007

Saving a Masonic Temple

I was elected last night as a member of the Board of Trustees responsible for the Masonic Temple in Portland. We are in a similar situation to many Grand Lodges with old Masonic buildings in the city core: high expenses (heat, electricity, parking, etc), plenty of internal and external maintenance to be done, and restricted income (primarily rent). I would love to hear suggestions for how other such groups have recovered from a similar situation? I would hate to see the work of great men like Augustus Schlotterbeck lost as office space or condos. What we have in Portland is a real turn of the century jewel and it is our task to ensure this jewel is available for future generations of Freemasons.

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At 29 August, 2007 12:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a similar situation here in Fort Wayne Indiana. We have a beautiful 5 story temple made of solid granite, that lately has been underfunded even for heat. As a result it is about to be put up for sale, and our first bidder is a liqour store that wants to tear it down. We are attempting to put together a few fund raising efforts to save it.


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