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17 July 2007

My Wife the Drummer

I may not have mentioned this, but several weeks ago I broke down and bought a Wii. Tandy wanted to buy it for the girls for Christmas, but...I could not wait and wanted it for myself!! BWAHAHA! It did not take long to realize that buying games without playing them first is a bad idea. At fifty dollars a pop you stand to waste a lot of money. We have rented some real stinkers: Call of Duty 3, Shrek the Third, Rataouille, and so on. Today we rented our favorite game so far: Rayman Raving Rabbids!

It is a real blast to play, but the best part of all is my wife playing the rhythm game. The game depicts a dance floor with rabbits moving in on the outside, the object of the game is to strike down with the remotes just as a rabbit, or rabbits, is arriving under the lights. The game is virtually designed for drummers. The girls and I could not make heads or tails of this crazy game, but Tandy played like a champ. All of those years drumming in high school really payed off.

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At 19 July, 2007 17:20 , Blogger Alto2 said...

This I have to see. I'm coming back to Maine.

At 19 July, 2007 21:34 , Blogger Tom Accuosti said...

Bad news, Chris - you've been tagged for another meme.
No worries, though - this is a good one.

Add when did you post all this great stuff? I just realized that I never added your feed to my reader.

At 27 July, 2007 00:53 , Blogger Christina said...

I think we need video of that!


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