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02 September 2007

The Dreaded Doom Sayers of Dues

Just as Freemasonry has finished an internal revolution with lodges switching from the leadership of older Past Masters to the leadership of younger members, so too a new revolution is just starting: dues and fees. This debate will be difficult, but eventually Freemasonry's dues and fees structure will normalize. My own Mother lodge just doubled its initiation fees from $75 to $150 for the three degrees. This is but a first step in a long road. For a great viewpoint read these two articles posted on Bro. Chris Hodapp's blog:

  1. The Dreaded Doomsayers of Dues
  2. The Dreaded Doomsayers of Dues Part Deux



At 02 October, 2007 00:37 , Blogger Masonic Traveler said...

Alas, my home lodge is now $300 to petition (which will turn people off) and $100 per year there after.

For the new guy off the street, this is WAY to high, a $400 commitment for just his first year of membership.

I can see it where lodges (and Grand Lodge programs) need the money.


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