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04 October 2007

Buying a New iPod?

A few months ago I finally filled my iPod to the point that I can no longer store all of my media on it. I am no music pirate, but with music, podcasts, audiobooks, TV shows, and games...space runs out fast. I was all set to buy an iPod Classic. Armed with 160GB of space I could even store a number movies from my DVD collection. Then Apple responded to the iPhone unlocking by enmeshing it with 3rd party software. I work for an ISV, so the notion that 3rd party software is intrinsically evil naturally makes me a bit uncomfortable.

I still need a new device, but perhaps the time has come to leave Apple and its iPods behind and go look for something else.



At 08 October, 2007 14:39 , Blogger Alto2 said...

Leave Apple? You traitor. Hack the damn thing!

At 15 October, 2007 10:23 , Blogger Daniel said...

It is about time that you have come to the dark side young padawan[sp?]. iPod is the Marie Antoinette of Society, come to the common man and partake of his bounty.


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