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12 May 2005

The Pope drinks Stuttgart wheat beer

I ran across this posting on the Relapsed Catholic blog. Does it get better than a German Pope who drinks wheat beer? After the terrible failure of my attempt at an all grain wheat beer, this gives me a good reason to go buy crystal to try again: "Benedictine Wheat."

You might think the new pope would prefer water or wine, but Pope Benedict XVI has given the thumbs up to … beer. Thanks to the pope, a German brewery is enjoying new success thanks to his “endorsement.”

A Stuttgart brewery had been struggling to sell its wheat beer, until pictures showed then -Cardinal Ratzinger enjoying the brew every once in a while.

So when the new pope was elected, white smoke not only emerged from the Sistine Chapel, but from the brewery’s chimney as well.

This past weekend, the brewery sent a beer truck to Rome delivering 185 gallons of beer to the pope.

From WKYC,com.


At 27 May, 2005 01:18 , Anonymous Braingasm said...

I love wheat beers, and Benedict XVI. The best ones in Australia are Cooper's Heritage, and James Squires, both only available in season. Redback is popular among the metal head crowd but to my taste seems to contain as much pepper as wheat; I detest it.

At 23 April, 2006 06:23 , Anonymous Esslingen hilft! said...

Hmmm... interesting... the pope is bavarian and drinks swabian beer? I thought the pope smoked dope!? *confused*


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