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13 September 2005

PDC05: Day Two (Startup Initialization and AppDomains)

Having come in late to the second session I missed the start of Bob Davidson's "Internals of Startup Initialization" talk. Davidson is an excellent presenter, but without the fundamentals from the begining of the talk I was constantly lost.

The next talk was "C++ Internals: AppDomains" by Jeff Peil. The material was extremely detailed and very interesting. Unfortunately, Peil spoke with almost breathless speed. I had some difficulty following the topic in general, since the relationship between AppDomains and processes are not straightfoward, but the style of the presentation made it a bit worse. The two pieces of information I walked away with were:
  • AppDomains and _clrcall are hard
    plan on not really understanding it and encountering really difficult problems that are hard to solve.

  • Startup time for 500 clr vtbls with 10 methods each is 200ms
    Jeff felt this was really fast, but both Robert and I were a little wowed about how slow that really is. Robert's 3D code can process a whole mesh in 200ms.


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