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30 October 2005

Sex-based Marketing for iPod Cases

So, I am helping a friend find good cases for her new 5G iPod (with video), a task every new 5G owner should undertaking since it scratches like mad. There are few good looking cases with hard ship dates. I did find a set of iPod with video cases from Speck Products. The weird Grass Funskin go us started on their site and before long we ran into the See-Thru cases, with this tag line "Accent the seductive look of your iPod video!" Innocent enough, I guess. Then I click into the page and was hit by this:

A Shiny, Sleek Look
Accent the seductive look of your iPod video! Get great protection, a hint of color and a massive dose of shine. See-Thru iPod cases are made of translucent hard plastic to beautify and protect. 3-PACK comes with clear, black and red.

We all had the same basic reaction. The ad appears to say, "Buy our case and beautiful models will bend over so you can peek down their shirts." Uh. Whatever. Perhaps it would be wiser to just let the case sell itself.


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