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08 December 2005

Press Herald Book Sale

Since Tandy got a job working at the Bruce Roberts Fund this winter, she has been picking up books at the Press Herald Book Sale. Apparently, quite a few of the books she bought for me are hidden away for Christmas. She has given me two already, however, and they show great promise:

  • Jesus is Not a Republican (Edited by Clint Willis and Nate Hardcastle)
    Tandy is, of course, so far left of where I am...well, let's just leave it at that. The book is a collection of essays which look quite interesting. There are a few notable authors like Sister Helen Prejean, Bill Moyers, and John Dominic Crossan. I am very much looking forward to reading it even though it is just another salvo in the long running war to make a single aspect Christ. For the record, I think both the right and the left are wrong, but it is the nature of Christ that we see both what we want and what we can never be.

  • The Politics of Internet Communication (by Robert J. Klotz)
    This book is a very engaging look into law, politics, and journalism as it has been affected by the Internet. It is one I am very much looking forward to reading. Since I turned my focus from online and network software to desktop software in 2001 I have lost touch with those parts of my background that are really at my core. Once I wrap up my current project, due to finish this summer, I really need to find a way to do some online-focused research and development at work. I really miss building tools which use the Internet to help people work and communicate. At the end of the day, you have to put food on the table.


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