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27 January 2006

The Mike Wilber Robot

At work there is a developer by the name of Mike Wilber [blog] who is famous for both his mad coding skillz and for his impromptu robot dance. So far his has done the robot dance twice, but lacking advance warning we have failed to capture it to video. I was watching Frederator Episode 14 on Thursday morning while waiting for my tea to push back my cold symptoms. The first video was "Hell Yes" by Beck. This version employed the four QRIO robots from Sony. The stood on stage doing a beautiful, coordinated dance with fans. Suffice it to say that I nearly screamed out "Wilber!"

On returning to work on Friday I showed Mike the video. His response, other than "this is awesome," was to say "they are smoother than I am." Need I say, more gales of laughter? If you have yet to see this, check out the Frederator Episode #14. Apparently, it took programmers three weeks to program the movements for the dance, so take some time and watch the excellent results of their labors.


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