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15 May 2006

iPod Speaker

iPod Speaker
Originally uploaded by cratliff.
Ever since I bought the iPod I really wanted a way to output into my audio system. I also wanted to be able to play music at camp. For the longest time the best I could do was use my FM transmitter, which is alright but not great. Since I was buying Tandy a Nano for Mother's Day, I used her "accessories discount" to buy myself the Altec Lansing inMotion IM7 speaker. It is phat! The bass is great, particularly with bass boost. If you want good speakers, go for these bad boys!


At 16 May, 2006 16:33 , Blogger brook said...

that speaker looks sweet. tell me, what FM channel have you found that works well around our region? I've been using 88.1, but it's so-so.

At 16 May, 2006 21:16 , Blogger Christian Ratliff said...

I use 103.9, which works great in the "metro Portland" area. How stupid a phrase is that..."metro Portland"?

At 31 May, 2006 01:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Christian! I assume these will work with a Nano as well? One size fits all pods?
Bye the way what's your email these days??
Say hi to Tandy and the girls!
Love the Disney pictures!!!!!


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