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27 May 2005

An Inspection of the Dunkel Weizen

An Inspection

I was asked by the Master of Gov. William King Lodge in Scarborough, Wor. Bro. A. Robert Kvedar, to help them out of a jam for their inspection. They needed a fill-in Senior Deacon, a role which I have held twice and filled quite a few times as a replacement. As usual, they were wonderful hosts making me feel welcome as if I had been raised there. Though I erred in ritually relocking the door at the reception of the District Deputy Grand Master, all went reasonably well on my part. Wor. Bro. Kvedar (Bob) and his officers were excellent.
Prior to the meeting I had learned from them that the lodge had a small group of homebrewers, apparently they were wasting their time reading my terrible writings. I brought some of the my Triple Hop IPA and some of my father-in-law's Dayside Dark. In return, Bob brought me two of his beers...

Of the Dunkel Weizen

The first of the two he gave me was a ready-to-drink Dunkel Weizen. I opened it and enjoyed it with dinner this evening. The color is quite dark with a thin almost non-existent head. The smell is sweet and malty with an almost molasses character. The mouth feel is thinner than you expect from the scent, but I imagine it is primarily due to the wheat. The feel is still quite rich with a roasted malt element filling in the initial gaps. There was a only the lightest bitterness in the aftertaste. The beer was absolutely wonderful. The perfect blend of lightness and roasted malt flavor. I only wish there was a partner for it, as I would certainly be having it while I write this. The Dayside Dark and Triple Hop IPA will only spoil the experience. Tea for me now!


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