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26 July 2005

Life Without an iPod & Life Without a Croncast

Three weeks ago I was listening to Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash, and The Croncast on a fishing trip in Bethel, Maine. I went to charge up the iPod in the truck and at some point it was zapped by the experience. When I returned home the iPod was not really working anymore.

What followed was three weeks of incredibly difficult programming, commuting and just general grumpiness. I had not realized just how much I had come to depend on this steady stream of music (Johnny Cash), old time radio (Superman), and humor (The Croncast) brought by the little white majik box.

Fortunately, and it feels weird to say this, the sales person at Circuit City (iPod Cafe) convinced me, back in January, to buy their City Advantage Protection Plan for $60. My brilliant wife, a less gregarious version of Betsy, promptly got on the horn with Circuit City. She took my dead iPod placed it carefully in a box and sent it off to the people at Circuit City. They took one look at it and put a gift card in the mail to me. She went to Circuit City on Monday, while I was at work, and bought me an iPod photo (30GB). The new iPod is totally great, far better than my previous model with its lax battery life.

So, I fired it up and listened to The Croncast (Show #97) to find my favorite married couple (read: genuine people) having a little trauma. Then I find them on vacation. As a lowly blogger, I want to send out a huge shout out to Kris and Betsy Smith, the funniest, realest damn couple in the world of podcasting! I look forward to hearing new shows from you in the future, when you are back from vacation. I will have someone take a picture in October when I am up in the woods listening to your show on a fishing trip, miles from telephones and electricity.


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