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22 July 2005

The Returnable Bachelor Party

A good friend from work is having his bachelor party this weekend. Rather than a sopping drunk, bankrupting, fist-full-of-dollars evening at a strip club, which is what most people think of when you say bachelor party, if they forget about Tom Hanks an the Nun, we are going to have fun. The plan is to spend a few hours at Maine Indoor Karting racing around the track. After karting we are off to dinner in the Old Port, where the primary issue is which restaurant to pick. Then it is up to Firestorm Paintball in Limington to fire painballs (or paintballs) at each other until the sun goes down. Finally, we go back to the Old Port for carousing and showing off our paintball bruises in crowded bars. It may not sound like fun to some, but it is perfect as far as I am concerned. My own bachelor party was a night of beer and snooker at the local pool hall.

What does this have to do with returnables?

I live about ten or fifteen minutes from Maine Indoor Karting so I invited people over for lunch. People are going to show up here at 11am for keilbasa, chicken, onion rings and potato salad. The missing ingredient is a nice beer to go with lunch. I started putting the returnables, which had been stacked all over the garage, into my trunk. It was soon filled along with my entire back seat! It took the better part of an hour to process them all at RSVP. I went over to their beer and wine shope to buy these:

The total cost for this bounty: $7.00! Not a bad deal for a case of various and sundry beer.


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