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30 October 2005

Canon A95 Review

I am looking to upgrade my battlescarred Canon A75 to the new A95 or A610 models. I was reading user reviews of the Canon PowerShot A95, when I ran across this gem:

not tough enough (DCHQ)

With money being tight now a days I decided to search for a camera that has more uses than just taking photos. So I head out to the local flee market, because lets face it everyone knows that is where the best constructed cameras can be had. Anyway Im a carpenter by trade and I thought it would be nice to try out this new camera I just purchased and see just how versitle it is. The first test was the drag test. I dragged the camera 6 feet across a gravel driveawy. I must say although the it made terrible noise durring the test it stayed together leaving it just strached up badly. Next I tried the roll test. Durring this test the camera did well in part because of the roundish shape it has. Only a small crack was found in the upper right corner of the case, which did not effect the cameras performance at all. Next was the moisture test. I place the camera on a string and lower it into water 5ft and remove it right after checking for any leaks. This was the first chink in the armor! The camera took water in. (not happy about this) I decided the to change the test process around and go right to the "pound the nail int test". In short this camera WILL NOT be a good hammer on anything. Trying to drive a nail in to wood several times only created cracks in the case and untilmately a small hole. The good part about the hole was the water drained out from the previuos test. Now came the finally test. Can the camera be drop from eye level. I stand just over six feet and if Im gonna drop the camera durring use ever, I figured it would never be higher than eye level. The test proved two things. One the camera has pretty shinny parts on the inside and 2nd the camera will not work after this test. After completing the test my recomendation stands. I do NOT recommend this camera for anything other that taking pictures.....


At 31 October, 2005 21:31 , Blogger brook said...

that is so amusing. well, my phone takes pictures, manages my schedule, remembers everything binary about anyone i know, and plays chess agianst me- why shouldn't it pound in nails?

At 31 October, 2005 22:37 , Blogger Christian Ratliff said...

The most embarrassing part of the whole review was that it took me a few sentences to realize it was a joke. The water test was what really threw me. I am such an idiot. :)



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