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26 February 2006

Poor Richard's Ale

Yeah. I realize I have not blogged in some time. I have been really dissatisfied with blogger.com (I want categories!!), but converting to something else is a big pain. There are other sites pointing to URLs here, so I cannot just throw this content away. Anyhow, enough with that...

Our homebrew operation has been proceeding well. Tandy ordered a 20' wort chiller for us to use. I decided a should have one after hearing about DMS build-up during overnight cooling from the Basic Brewing Radio podcast. If you are new to brewing this podcast will up your game! Right now we have three beers bubbling away: Designated Hero Amber Ale (Tom Atwell), Sierra Nevada Knock-off (Chris DiSotto) and Toucan Wheat (moi). Watching the amber ale clarify in the carboy after transfering it was quite a trip. The next beer on my list is Poor Richard's Ale in honor of three hundred years of the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin a Masonic Brother and Founding Father. You can read more about this beer at:

The Brew Site: Extract recipe for Poor Richard's Ale.


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