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04 March 2006

Euterpe is now an iPod Video

This is month fifteen of iPod ownership for me. I purchased an iPod+HP 40GB (4G) back in January of 2005. At the time of purchase, my wife convinced me to buy the Circuit City protection plan. I thought that iPod was a lot of fun and a great device with a lot of capacity. The battery life was really quite good despite the general angst in the iPod community of the time. While on a fishing trip in the Bethel/Gilead area in Maine, I plugged the device an in-vehicle charger. The wiring in the vehicle was not great and the 4G iPod died. Circuit City came through with coverage to replace my iPod and with the price cuts and new models I was able to by an iPod photo 30GB (4G). This device starting running into problems once I began listening to a lot of podcasts on it. It started shutting off after being fully charged and playing a single 30 minute podcast. After seven months of torture I sent it back to Apple who returned with a "no problem" indication after only an hour or two of investigation. Circuit City stepped in again and now I own an iPod video 30GB (5G).

I hope this device is more like the old iPod+HP rather than the wretched iPod photo. My experience using a loaner iPod video was very positive both in battery life and stability terms. As for Circuit City, they have made themselves my default choice for consumer electronics. Nice work, Circuit City!


At 15 May, 2006 21:44 , Blogger yaodownload2006 said...

have you ever tried PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter ? i believe it will satified you.

At 15 May, 2006 22:49 , Blogger Christian Ratliff said...

I actually bought the Cucusoft iPod Video Converter and DVD Ripper, which I have been very happy with.


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