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18 May 2006

The DaVinci Code

Suffice it to say that my intense dislike for "The DaVinci Code" is well know at many levels. The book is based on my least favorite work of semi-fiction ("The Temple and the Lodge" by Baigent and Leigh) and The Code's own sense of history is horrific. I have spent enough time reading about early Church history in the Apostolic and Patristic eras to know just how inaccurate the text really is.

Nevertheless, leave it to the fine blogger E. Paul Kelly to write a blogpost about The Code which really hit me in the gut: Are We the People the Church? It is absolutely true that the raw material for The Code existed in bulk long before Dan Brown's wife did the research his now famous book. It never matter then because there was a certain amount of trust that it wasn't all lies. Today..Bishop essentially implies lies and deception. The actions of the various Bishops to either collect the assets of parishes (so as to sell them in Boston) or to hide the assets of parishes (to avoid them being considered in legal settlements in Vermont) whether requested by lawyers or no are actions of the Bishop. They undermine the ability of American Catholic Bishops to speak out on important matters. Like a tree root under the sidewalk...

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