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28 October 2006

Cipher Collection

By some accounts, three items makes a collection. This evening I was reviewing one of the ritual books in my growing collection. Thanks to eBay and the kindness of brethren, my collection includes:

Printed Rituals
  • Grand Lodge of Mississippi Ritual (M.W. Bro. James C. Gilliam, Grand Master)
    Copyright 1951 A. Nizzardini
    The text annotation in the front is "Edward Drummond", "476" and "22908". There are very few markings in the text at all.
  • Grand Lodge of New York Monitor (George R. Irving, Grand Secretary)
    Copyright 1951 George R. Irving
    The text annotation in the front is "James S. Tucker", "Massapequa Lodge #822" and "Rockville Center, NY"
  • Grand Lodge of Maine Ritual
    Editions in my collection include: 1925, 1928, 1938, 1941 and 1943.
  • Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Trestleboard (monitor)
    published in 1913, copyright 1876
    The text annotation in the front is "John S. Blank, Jr."
  • Grand Lodge of Connecticut Ritual (revised 1991)
  • Grand Lodge of Florida Masonic Code (ritual, revised 1997)
  • Saint Giles Lodge No. 8904 Emulation Ritual (Oxford, UK)
    There is a small booklet titled "The Inner Workings of the Board of Installed Masters"
Handwritten Rituals
  • Massachusetts and English Ritual from late 1870s
    The text covers the lecture of the Master Mason Degree, a Christian version of the Five Points of Fellowship, On Yonder Book and the ritual and lectures of the Capitular Degrees of the York Rite.
    The front of the book has 126 pages of very fine handwriting followed by 18 pages of very rough handwriting. All I can say is, thank goodness for eBay!
Works on Loan
  • Maine Ritual from 1874
    These three texts have been loaned to me by the Master of Triangle Lodge No. 1 for study. The include the complete text of the three degrees, in cipher form, as they were known at that time. M.W. Bro. Charles Ridlon informed me that the committee which formalized the ritual settled the text in 1894.
    The Entered Apprentice book has a front page with "Portland Lodge No. 1" and "May 11th, 1874". The Master Mason book has the initials "T.J.M." or "T.J.W." written on the first page.
These books give me plenty to study now that I've come back up for air and can resume my own hobbies!

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