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Just another person of little note writing about ordinary things. That I reside in Maine is icing on the cake.

26 October 2006

Back Up For Air!

I've been underwater for nearly five months finishing the latest version of our XMap 5.0 product line. As anyone in commercial software development knows that means long hours, lots of meetings and tons of work. All of the hard work is winding its way through final QA now, and we are all very excited about the many new features. I spent most of my time working on a servicable, extensible import architecture to replace the one we had before (which was neither servicable nor extensible).

Finally, I can get back to my fun hobbies. I have been gradually accumulating a collection of cypher books. On Wednesday, I was loaned a set of three handwritten Maine ritual cyphers from 1874. I am very much looking forward to studying those in depth.


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