Dispatches from Maine

Just another person of little note writing about ordinary things. That I reside in Maine is icing on the cake.

27 February 2006

Star Wars and Korean Barbecue

I spent Saturday at the Boston Science Museum with my family. We went to all the usual exhibits and took the extra time to go through the Star Wars exhibit there as well. The girls had a great time and I particularly enjoyed the kiosk with a show about robotics. In one of the model cases was a QRIO, which I wrote about before. If you should go to the exhibit, be sure to rent the PDA tour guide. I passed on the option and judging from the way other people made use of it, the $5.00 would have been well spent.

After a long day of exhibit hopping we went out to dinner at Koreana, a great Korean barbecue place in Cambridge. I first experienced the pleasure of Korean barbebcue while at the PDC. At the suggestion of my co-worker, Robert, we went to Seoul Jung (my blogpost). Since it was my first time I asked the waitress for a how to which produced the now famous line, "This is salad." At Koreana I posed the same question and received an even more interesting response which can be best summarized as "First you cook it, then you eat it." Perhaps there is something mystical about Korean barbecue. In any event, it was delicious and the girls loved it.

26 February 2006

Poor Richard's Ale

Yeah. I realize I have not blogged in some time. I have been really dissatisfied with blogger.com (I want categories!!), but converting to something else is a big pain. There are other sites pointing to URLs here, so I cannot just throw this content away. Anyhow, enough with that...

Our homebrew operation has been proceeding well. Tandy ordered a 20' wort chiller for us to use. I decided a should have one after hearing about DMS build-up during overnight cooling from the Basic Brewing Radio podcast. If you are new to brewing this podcast will up your game! Right now we have three beers bubbling away: Designated Hero Amber Ale (Tom Atwell), Sierra Nevada Knock-off (Chris DiSotto) and Toucan Wheat (moi). Watching the amber ale clarify in the carboy after transfering it was quite a trip. The next beer on my list is Poor Richard's Ale in honor of three hundred years of the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin a Masonic Brother and Founding Father. You can read more about this beer at:

The Brew Site: Extract recipe for Poor Richard's Ale.