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26 March 2006

Maine Ritual Lodge of the Year

I received wonderful news yesterday from the Master of Deering Lodge. He informed me that we had been selected by the Grand Lodge Lecturers as the best ritual lodge for the year 2005. I could not be more pleased or surprised. As the Officer's Coach I focus mostly on where we are weak, so it is naturally the part I think of most often. Despite our problem areas we have a great group of guys who work very hard. We are also gifted with great lecturers like Bro. Christopher Beck and Bro. Quinones Rembert and fine floorwork from our Marshal, Bro. Carroll Richardson. We also have the only singing Chaplain in the State, at least in so far as I am aware. Bro. Bob Wade's singing of the circumambulation makes for a wonderful degree. Finally, our greatest asset has got to be our happy-go-lucky officers: Pete, Steve, Tom, Chris, and Bob, Sr.

We will be exemplifying the Master Mason Degree before May for the Grand Lodge Officers. The Master has already granted me the honor of delivering the Master Mason Lecture. I will have to practice like mad while I am in Florida on business during the end of April.

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